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At Auto Designs, we're always looking for new talented outgoing individuals to join our prestigious team. If you have experience in the mobile electronics industry and think you would fit in please send us your resume. We have a wide range of openings ranging from custom audio installers, fabricators, and sales representatives.

Positions Available T.I.T. - Technician in Training (entry-level)

Level 1 - Installer – Installation of all aftermarket electronics such as security, radar, audio/video, etc. Minimum (2-years experience)

Level 2 - Custom Installer – Must have extensive experience in the following, woodworking, advanced electronics clean wiring, upholstery and fabrication skills. Custom installers must be efficient and have a sharp attention to detail. Installers are expected to apply neat wiring practices, work well under pressure and be able to work on a team. Minimum (3-years experience)

Level 3 - Master Installer / Fabricator – Must be a well-organized, highly experienced craftsman. Able to work with materials such as fiberglass, metals, wood, chemical adhesives and fabrics. Creativity is the core, and being able to draw up flow charts and schematic drawings is a must. Fabricators are expected to produce quality work and be meticulous in every aspect of the work they produce. Requirements (Resume, Referrals & Picture Portfolio)

These jobs require attention to detail and the ability to work well with hands. There's no room for big ego's and attitude at Auto Designs so these applicants need not apply. We work as a team to accomplish our ultimate goals together. Professionalism and being able to be critiqued go hand in hand which will only make you a wiser and a stronger person in this industry. If you fit these requirements feel free to fill out our application or contact us at any time 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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