Radar Countermeasures

Radar/Laser Protection

What makes Auto Design stand apart from other shops is that we actually ensure each radar/laser detection unit we install is actually tested against the most current radar / laser hardware and technology out there including photo radar. The installation process we follow is to make sure that your vehicles aesthetics is untouched and blends into the vehicles natural state that comes off the showroom floor.

Radar and Laser protection is not something just the big boys do, obviously it’s very popular and everyone wants in. So with that said many unskilled installations occur and those “mom & pop” style shops simply install your unit and call it a day, no testing of product, wiring, alignment or ensuring brackets and connectors are of working or of the best quality.
Auto Design installation provides a clean, finished appearance that is fully undetectable, discreet and really lends a high quality look to your vehicle. This is also achieved by usage of something we created here at Auto Design called the “Ghost Mirror” and etching the Valentine 1 into the mirror.

Radar Ghost Mirror

Always setting new trends and coming up with the coolest ideas, Stefano came up with our exclusive new design which we call the ghost mirror. We came up with the name ghost mirror because when the car or radar is turned off, the display of the radar detector which is integrated in the rear view mirror is only seen when a radar alert is present allowing use and retention of all mirror functions.

The advantages of the ghost mirror is that the mirror is something the driver is always checking subliminally while driving and does not interfere with safe driving practices. By having the ghost mirror the driver is always keeping their eyes in natural line of sight while driving and this allows the driver to be able to respond the fastest when alerts go off providing the best opportunity to respond in those precious seconds when they count.