Exterior Enhancements

Body Styling Kits

Body styling is not only for giving your vehicle a unique cosmetic look that stands out from the norm but also gives your vehicle a better aerodynamic flow decreasing drag by creating more down-force increasing your cars overall performance and proficiency.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is beneficial as it helps to control heat, UV rays and glare within your vehicle. Aside from enhancing your vehicles style and appearance, tinting helps your interior from fading and also adds an extra security feature that helps keep valuables out of plain sight.

Wheels & Tires

Instantly enhance the look of your car with custom wheels and high performance tires. Whether you prefer chrome, polished aluminum or color matched to your exterior we can accommodate any desired aesthetic. Our highly trained staff will determine which wheels fit your car along with correct size and stagger.

All wheels and tires are rotated and balanced without the unsightly weights on the outside of the wheel using the latest balance equipment in order to maintain a clean finish.