Security & Safety Systems

Anti-Theft devices

At Auto Design we scrutinize each and every automobile for overall security and possible weaknesses.
We then determine what type of system will best suit our clients’ needs. Depending on the client and vehicle there are several variations of systems available which all offer different levels of security and convenience features.

At Auto Design your security system is designed with quality and reliability to ensure our clients peace of mind. Our technicians are highly trained in theft deterrent methods which allow us to customize and choose particular security components that will work best on your vehicle. This training also aids us in the ability to make critical decisions of placement of key components to help guarantee the utmost difficulty for those trying to compromise our systems.

It’s always a good idea to add some sort of anti-theft device to your car. Insurance companies provide rate discounts to coverage and overall it helps eliminate having to go through potential headaches in the future. Of course some solutions are better than others, but any device provides some level of protection.

Typically Anti-Theft units work in 3 ways:

  • Physically no thief wants to waste precious time and risk getting caught exerting copious amounts of physical effort dismantling a system.
  • Visually just the site of an anti- theft device will deter most thieves
  • Audibly – Thieves never want to draw attention to themselves

GPS Tracking

In today’s world of modern technology with the use of satellites we are able to provide every car owner a peace of mind with a conjunction of features that help locate and deter the actual theft itself. Our GPS units can not only pinpoint your car within feet of its location but they can even tie into some security interfaces sending text messages to your cellphone and email allowing owners the opportunity to disable the car’s ignition system immobilizing the car mid drive.

With so many potential uses, GPS tracking is not only great for making sure your car is safe and sound where you last left it , but it also has the benefits of making sure your new teenage drivers are abiding by the rules of the road or making sure there is no unauthorized use of your car at your local parking garage, valet and mechanics shops.

Other extra convenience features include things such as unlocking doors if keys are left inside, remote starting of vehicle and activating lights to find your car in a large parking lots.