Satellite Radio/TV

With modern technologies and the use of satellite we can now enjoy hundreds of channels of uninterrupted music of various genres streamed anywhere around the world.

Satellite also offers the streaming of video programming and just like the satellite tv in your home it offers the same quality streamed straight to your vehicle while driving at high speeds in many different environments.

This is a great addition for parents with children who love their satellite TV.

Mobile Office Solutions

Mobile office design encompasses many different factors to accommodate those with extremely busy lifestyles and schedules or who simply want to enjoy the more luxurious side of commuting.

Traditionally what mobile office solutions has lent it's hand to was comfort and the ability to allow executives and celebrities along with their entourage the access to high speed internet, airplane style recliner seats with built in trays and cell phone chargers, wine & beverage refrigerators, large screens and other furnishings typically associated with an in office or at home experience.

Many of our clients bring us large SUV's which are generally chauffeured .Essentially what Auto Design does is build a "Limo" style experience often likened to that on private boats and airplanes.

BlueTooth & Mobile Device Integration

In today's fast moving information world accessibility is essential for many of us when traveling, be it for work or our personal lives. Integration of our mobile devices such as smart phones, iPads and other tablets are part of our everyday world and just because we are driving that doesn't mean the rest of the world stops for us.

These devices have become so important to us that we often can't function without them, but like anything else, we have to be conscious and accountable for safe operation while driving.

We integrate these devices through Bluetooth for hands free operation while driving to keep drivers focused while able to communicate and use the functions of these devices. We have developed devices which enable texting and emails to be seen on vehicles information display as well as streaming your entire music library enjoying all of your favorite songs at the touch of a button.

Audio Enhancements

We all love a good quality sound while we drive and most vehicles today come with a decent factory audio system, but for some of us the quality is nowhere near enough. The manufacturers usually lack power, clarity and low end sound, so to fix that many of us opt for an upgrade.

Long away are the days we just threw a box with speaker and an amp in the trunk and called it a system, many of us have grown up and want to get away from looking like we are 40 year old teenagers!

The Auto Design approach is to keep the vehicles integrity and cosmetic appearance the same, clean and or mimic the original design allowing additional components to blend into the interior. We accomplish this by hiding all additional electronics out of plain sight and when designing and placing units that are in sight we mold and style it using matching leathers or factory materials.

Video Entertainment

There are a few good reasons to have a rear video entertainment system installed in your vehicle. The most common we come across is for children, having their favorite shows, movies and or video games is a great way to ensure a quiet ride and to keep their attention on long trips.

Another is from a corporate standpoint it's great for staying on top of current events, stock markets and seeing power-points along with other visual aids needed for your next meetings and presentations.