Our Mission

Auto Design is company comprised of a team of true auto enthusiast who look to exemplify their artisan craftsmanship into every project they touch, producing highly personalized vehicles for their clients’ wildest carnal desires, passions and ideas no matter how out of this realm they may be.

Clients come to Auto Design with a varied array of visions small to large, and continue to come back time and time again because they know we truly enjoy bringing to life creations that showcase their personal style, tastes and needs. Our passion at Auto Design is to help translate that vision into a powerful work of art that oozes character and gusto.
Your vehicle is our canvas and like many great world-renowned artists we create one of a kind masterpiece’s for you to enjoy and cherish.

To achieve this we combine the highest quality components with cutting-edge technologies and use a mixture of mediums and styles, new and old school to really give a personalized feel to each piece. Auto Design is all about providing seamless applications and products that would make any driver want to just get in and drive “just because”.

Auto Design is not only known for its exceptional award winning custom audio / visual installations but our repertoire includes a list of everything from :

  • Custom upholstery and interior designs
  • Exterior modification and styling
  • Suspension and braking system upgrades
  • Performance / engine modification and tuning
  • Mobile Office & Communications which include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth accessibility along with i-Pod / Smart integration
  • Anti-Theft / Radar counter measure packages
  • Executive and family protection packages{ Armored Vehicles )

Auto Design is led by Stefano Loria and was conceived in 1989 before he was even considered an “adult”. With a superior understanding and insight for audio visual components, Stefano was able to gain critical acclaim for Auto Design in the industry with many of his custom builds. That same drive and enthusiasm still exists and his meticulous attention to detail is what helps Auto Design thrive in the heart of Manhattan to this day.

Auto Designs clientele boasts the likes of many royal families, emergency service vehicles, celebrities and athletes alike. Auto Design has been a long time preferred source to many of Manhattans elite dealerships which include Mercedes of Manhattan, Ferrari, Porsche, Lexus, Manhattan Motorcars and the list goes on. Not only has Auto Design catered to Rolls

Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini and other luxury-exotic works of art, Auto Design has also been commissioned to work on many state and government vehicles for special projects.